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  • Simply press the tape down to adhere. You do not need to use water or heat.
  • Different tape carrier materials (paper, fabric, aluminium, PVC, etc.) and adhesive surfaces (rubber, resin or polyacrylates) - find out more about adhesive technology.
  • Versatile use, long durability and lifetime of several years.
  • Transparent or not transparent, colour design according to specific tape types.
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures, solvents, acids, alkalis or oils.


Packing tapes

Multi-purpose packaging tapes are suitable for environmentally friendly sealing of light to medium weight cartons. These tapes are excellent by their high adhesiveness, long durability and low noise during unwinding. You can also choose special sealing tapes with an anti-pack robbery control mechanism, PVC packing tape, which has a very good adaptability to irregular surfaces and can be applied even at lower temperatures, or filament tape, reinforced with glass fibre, tear-resistant, used for fixing or reinforcing edges and corners of cartons

Masking tapes

Masking tapes are suitable for protection against smudging or damage during painting, coating or varnishing work. Their adhesive surface adheres perfectly to various types of window materials, furniture, metal or plaster. The masking tapes we offer are resistant to high temperatures, some even up to 220 °C. When using masking tapes you do not have to worry about leaving adhesive residue on the substrate or damaging the bonded surface, they are suitable for indoors or outdoors. Our range includes crepe and polyester tapes in particular.

Corridor PVC tapes for floor marking

Sometimes also referred too as  warning, demarcation or marking tapes, these tapes are specially developed for use on floor markings. These floor tapes are used to mark zones in industrial, assembly or production halls, gymnasiums, workshops, on stairs or in companies. They are used to mark products or hazardous areas. Long service life is one of the advantages of floor tape. It is very strong, elastic, waterproof and easy to remove - it leaves no adhesive residue. Its adhesive layer adheres to a wide variety of surfaces. Application is quick, simple and clean. Resists heavy loads and tears. Corridor PVC tapes are available in several colours.

Textile tapes

Universal tapes made of laminated polyethylene with cotton textile grid, coated with natural rubber adhesive. The tapes are waterproof and hand tearable. They are used indoors and outdoors for example for temporary repairs of hoses, cables, sails and textiles.

Magnetic tapes

Thanks to the self-adhesive layer, magnetic tapes can be attached to almost any magnetic or non-magnetic object. Magnetic adhesive tapes are used to create a magnetic layer for a variety of objects, which can be attached to a surface that responds to magnetic fields. Self-adhesive magnetic tapes have a wide range of applications, for example for very simple maintenance of retail display areas, attaching printed materials or decorative items on steel shelving. The tapes have a self-adhesive layer of polyester tape, which consists of a transparent polyester carrier and a high-adhesion acrylic adhesive. The removable cover layer is made of red MOPP film.

Protective self-adhesive films

They are designed to protect surfaces during production, transposition or installation. They are very good at preventing contamination of the covered surface during painting or varnishing - glass, window and door frames, floors, painted metal surfaces, car bodies, as well as floor coverings and rough facades. Great for transport, storage or further processing of products and goods.

Once the work is finished, the protective film can be easily removed without leaving any traces of adhesive on the surface. The tapes are available in clear or transpa-rental blue. Under normal storage conditions (10°C-40°C), our films can be stored for a minimum of 6 months.

During storage they must be protected against direct sunlight, moisture, high temperatures and dust. When using protective films, the protected surface must not be greasy or dirty. Suitable application temperature is 10°- 40°C. It is important to avoid excessive film tension, bubbles and folds during application.

Polyethylene (PE) tapes

Tapes with a polyethylene carrier and a synthetic rubber adhesive. 
The tapes stand out for their water resistance, high adhesive strength and mechanical resistance. They are easily removable without adhesive residue.

Aluminium strips

Highly adhesive aluminium tapes are used for thermal insulation of pipelines, air conditioning, etc. Aluminium tapes are also suitable for outdoor work and can be easily adapted to uneven surfaces.

Glass textile adhesive tapes

Fibreglass tapes with temperature resistance in class B, F and H. They are most commonly used for taping over joints in plasterboard installation.

Foam tapes

Single-sided adhesive tapes that have excellent adhesive strength and instantly adhere to wood, metal, glass and other materials. Use foam tapes especially for sealing, filling gaps or in various shapes and sizes as shock absorbers.

Anti-slip tapes

Anti-slip tapes are used to prevent slipping. They prevent accidents at work and they are most often used on stairs, ramps or on slippery floors. The slip-resistant effect lasts up to 1-2 years in normal use.

Roofing foil tapes

We offer vapour-proof adhesive tapes to prevent water vapour penetration and condensation on roofing membranes. Or vapour permeable adhesive tapes, which are used for breathable bonding of membranes on roofs and other structures.

Special single-sided tapes

Waterproof, strong adhesive tapes with excellent adhesive strength. They can resist temperatures from - 15 °C to + 70 °C and UV radiation. They are made for repairing and gluing foil sheets or for reinforcing PE or PVC parts. Selected tapes are also used to protect the rollers from glue, ink or other contaminants and are therefore applicable for example in printing or textile productions.

Reflective tapes

Single-sided adhesive tapes for marking trucks or buses. Reflective tapes are supplied
in the meterage and produced for you in shaped cut-outs according to your requirements. You can choose tapes in reflective white, yellow or red.

Single-sided adhesive tapes

  • Ochranná samolepicí folie
  • Koridorové (podlahové) pásky
  • Textilní páska
  • Magnetická páska
  • Maskovací páska
  • Balicí páska

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