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LAGA was established in 1992 with a focus on the import of single-sided  and double-sided adhesive tapes, packaging materials, PP, PET and foil.

As the company developed, it focused on the processing of adhesive tapes:

  • slitting
  • rewinding
  • die cutting of adhesive and non-adhesive materials
  • laminating various materials with adhesive tapes.

We are continuously expanding our production facilities, currently we produce goods on an area of 2100 m2.

A special "Slitting & Rewinding" production line is used for rewinding and laminating material, where unwinding, cutting and rewinding are carried out simultaneously at high speed and precision. Four cutting machines are used for cutting and winding plus two rotary machines, one horizontal machine and a guillotine are used for the production of shaped adhesive cut-outs.

Our whole production facilities are a prerequisite for quickly response to all requests and high quality of products to deliver them in the shortest possible time.


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