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Adhesive tape refers to a flexible strip with self-adhesive properties. That is, the strip can be stuck at normal temperature after being pressed slightly onto various surfaces. Only pressure is required to adhere, but not heat, wetting with water or solvents. By this definition, rubberised paper strips which must be moistened before adhesion are not self-adhesive tapes. Neither are heat-set papers, which are glued after heat treatment.

The term 'self-adhesive tape' is therefore correct but not common. Adhesive tapes normally consist of a flexible substrate - the carrier - on which a self-adhesive elastic layer - the adhesive - is applied.

Basically, we distinguish between tapes :

  • single-sided adhesive tapes, which have the adhesive applied only on one side of the carrier
  • double-sided adhesive tapes, which have adhesive applied to both sides of the carrier

Materials, carriers

  • Carrier tape materials are relatively thin flexible materials that are coated with an adhesive.

The most common carrier materials:

  • Paper - crepe, plain or variously elastic
  • Fabric - viscose staple, cotton, polyamide or fibreglass.
  • Foil - Soft PVC - flexible, pliable , good insulating properties
  • Hard PVC - dimensionally stable, UV and moisture resistant.
  • Cellulose hydrate - hand tearable, no moisture resistance, easy to process
  • Polyester - tensile strength, ageing resistant, temperature stable up to 130 C.
  • Polyethylene - elastic, low temperature resistant
  • polyamide - has high thermal stability
  • aluminium - extremely insensitive to moisture, heat resistant

Foam masses

  • Specifically lightweight with a porous structure, pores can be of different sizes, open, closed.
  • Polyurethane - soft, elastic.
  • Polyethylene - UV resistant, solvent stable
  • PVC - waterproof, moisture resistant
  • Fleece - temperature stable, absorbent, very thin, adapts well to unevenness
  • Laminates - combining two or more materials - improves properties


The properties of adhesive materials are decisively influenced by their basic components. In adhesive technology, a distinction is made between rubber resin adhesives and polyacrylates, with acrylates being made in solvents or aqueous dispersions.

Synthetic and natural rubbers

Good face bonding ability, easy release possible, good bonding strength on critical substrates such as PP or PE.

Acrylic dispersions

Solvent-free waterborne acrylic adhesive, environmentally friendly, temperature stable and UV resistant.

Pure acrylates

Temperature stable, ageing resistant, UV stable, chemical resistant.


Extremely heat stable and ageing resistant, for bonding to anti-adhesive substrates such as silicone.

Modified acrylics

Modified with additives,usually resins for special bonding properties.Temperature stable. Ageing resistant,UV stable,chemical resistant.Suitable for permanent bonding to critical substrates.

Hot melt adhesives

Artificial resins,high adhesive strength at temperatures up to 60°C,solvent-free,thus environmentally friendly.Limited thermal stability.



Distance from surface to surface in mm.

Opacity (light transmission)

The ability of the adhesive tape to absorb or reflect light.


The property of an adhesive tape to allow light to pass through.


The stability of the colours of the adhesive tape in the face of external weathering.

Heat resistance

The ability of the adhesive tape to withstand certain temperatures after adhesion. It can be removed cleanly, e.g. by heat, without losing its adhesive properties.

Resistance to weathering, solvents, acids, alkalis, oils and fats

The properties of the adhesive tape remain fully functional in the adhered state under the specified conditions.

Resistance to ageing

The period of time during which the adhesive tape remains fully functional when adhered.

Shelf life

The period of time during which the stored spool of adhesive tape retains its specific properties under defined conditions (18°C, 55% RH).


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