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We offer you double-sided adhesive tapes from the renowned company Tesa tape. Choose from various types of adhesive tapes, which are among the best quality products in the Czech Republic. You can buy double-sided tapes with adhesive surfaces made of different materials from our e-shop. We have a number of products in proven sizes in stock and we will deliver them to you in record time. Or use the option to have your tapes made to measure! We have first-class tape processing machines and can therefore meet even your most demanding requirements.


  • Versatile use in industry, in craft work and even in the household.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Simply press the tape down to adhere. No need to use water or heat.
  • Long durability and exceptional resistance to temperature, solvents, weather, etc. depending on the type of specific adhesive tapes.
  • Different materials of carrier strips and adhesive surfaces - find out more about the adhesive technology.


Double-sided adhesive tapes with polypropylene carrier

Double-sided adhesive tapes with perfect adhesion and a wide range of applications - for example for carpet, flooring, PVC or for fixing slippery surfaces. Available in either transparent or white colour.

Double-sided adhesive tapes made of transparent polyester

They have a high-adhesion acrylic adhesive. The tapes have excellent adhesiveness and adhesion, with stand high temperatures and UV rays and are suitable, for example, for the assembly of ABS and plastic parts in the automotive industry or the assembly of decorative mouldings and profiles in the furniture industry.

Double-sided adhesive tapes with non-woven carrier

Adhesive tapes made of non-woven tissue paper or special paper that are hand tearable. They are used for applications on paper, leather or plastic. They are used to attach logos, covers, address labels, plastic bags, posters, etc.

Double-sided adhesive tapes with textile carrier

Double-sided adhesive tapes made of a gridded synthetic fabric, which have a white colour and a synthetic rubber adhesive surface. The tapes have high durability and they are suitable for creating self-adhesive layers or for professional carpet installation.

Double-sided adhesive tapes with foam carrier

Double-sided adhesive tapes made of dense foam are designed for short- and long-term fixing and fastening of objects on various flat and partially uneven surfaces (metal, paper, wood, plastic, wall, glass, stone,...). The tapes fill uneven surfaces and in many cases, in addition to joining elements, they also act as a seal. They resist plasticizers, solvents and UV rays. Foam tapes are classified according to material, adhesive, thermal limitation and colour. They are suitable for automotive and other industries. They are used both indoors and outdoors.

Double-sided acrylic foam adhesive tapes - AFT

High quality adhesive tapes that find application in assembly in a wide range of industries. Tapes are an ideal alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. They create permanent, strong and reliable bonds on a variety of materials. They can withstand heat and extreme weather conditions.

Heat-activated double-sided adhesive tapes

Durable adhesive tapes especially suitable for the production of PVC floor coverings, glass fabrics, metal foils, etc. They are characterised by high bond strength and, when used correctly, also resistance to solvents and temperatures up to 200 °C.

Double-sided adhesive tapes with polyethylene carrier

Very strong tapes for versatile use. They are most commonly used for repairing exterior and interior plastics, greenhouses or for bonding mounting PE films and their subsequent recycling. Durable tapes have high resistance to weather, water and UV radiation.

Double-sided adhesive tapes with PVC carrier

White double-sided adhesive tapes made of PVC and acrylic adhesive that can be used on very thin materials with low surface stability. Use them for mounting unheated car mirrors or mounting decorative elements in furniture production.


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